Follow-Up on Promax Rotation's Factor Structure and Factor Pattern Matrices

As we saw today, the Promax (oblique) factor-rotation technique in SPSS provides two different types of output, the Factor Structure matrix and Factor Pattern matrix. Russell (2002, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin) provides a concise explanation of the difference (p. 1636):

The Factor Structure matrix provides the correlation between each of the measures and the factors that have been extracted and rotated; this is, of course, what we typically think of as factor loadings. However, given that the two factors [the number in Russell's example] are correlated with one another, there may be overlap in these loadings. Therefore the... Factor Pattern matrix, is designed to indicate the independent relationship between each measure and the factors. One can think of the values reported here as being equivalent to standardized regression coefficients, where the two factors are used as predictors of each measure.