AMOS vs. Mplus Programs

Yoona Chin, a newly minted (2009) Ph.D. recipient from our department, will be giving a guest presentation today on differences between AMOS, the program we've been using in class, and Mplus, an increasingly popular program. She's put together a very elaborate PowerPoint slide show, a few key graphics I wanted to put online (with Yoona's permission). You may click on the following images to enlarge them.

UPDATE (4/28/2017): Now that we're using Mplus as our main program for the course, I wanted to go over some of the advanced applications of this software. I find Mplus more cumbersome to use than AMOS or ONYX, but people claim Mplus makes up for this disadvantage through its versatility in offering numerous advanced techniques. According to this University of Kentucky PowerPoint slideshow, Mplus offers the following techniques (beyond basic SEM). I have added further links on the specific techniques: