Here are links to our lecture notes on the different course topics...

Intro: The Pyramid of Success

Correlation, Least-Squares Principle, and Multiple Regression

Path Analysis

Exploratory Factor Analysis (herehere, and here)

Confirmatory Factor Analysis (herehere, and here)...

...and Associated Basic Concepts (free/fixed parameters and model identification; degrees of freedommodel fitreporting fit)

ONYX Program

Writing Up SEM/CFA Results

Full Structural Models (herehere, and here); also see the following article for discussion of what a "model" represents:

Rodgers, J. L. (2010). The epistemology of mathematical and statistical modelling. A quiet revolution. American Psychologist, 65, 1-12. 

Video clip of legendary physicist Richard Feynman discussing conclusions one can draw from tests of theoretical models.

Comparative Model Testing and Nestedness

Beyond the Basics of SEM (contains all our topics for roughly the second half of the course)

Diagram for Assignment 2

Refresher Diagram on SEM Terminology

SEM The Musical: 1234567, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.5

Graphic arts programs